NFT - Potatoken

What is a Potatoken?

Potatoken is one of the most rare and unique NFT's on the market. We have recognized that scarcity allows for exponential growth. This is why we are focused on providing an exclusive experience to each Potatoken holder. As part of this exclusive experience, each holder will be sent a Musical Composition with EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS! (typically a $1500 value). These Exclusive Rights will belong to the Potatoken Holder as long as they own their Potatoken. If you decide to sell your Potatoken, these Exclusive Rights are transferred to the new owner.

This is the 1st Potatoken, Depicting the passing of the torch from Bitcoin to Potatoken.This is a visualization of NFT'S rising up as DEFI's newest frontier

Note: 1st edition does not include a Musical Composition

Future of Potatoken

Potatoken is powered by Batata K1ng LLC, which is a WA State registered company actively growing in numerous industries. These industries include Real estate, Music & Entertainment, and Asset Recovery. As Batata K1ng LLC grows all of these businesses, each Potatoken will have added benefits for all Holders.


This Potatoken is called "Potatoken in Space"

By Holding this Potatoken you will also own the exclusive rights to monetize the Musical Composition Below.

Preview of Composition/Beat: